Our history



Fairpoint was founded by Jens Buhl Jørgensen, on the foundation of simple virtues, that remains the pillars of the group today.


”Hard work combined with honesty, modesty and a strong group of talented people, who remain focused on the target.”     


In the beginning the company was in the business of marine electronics, and even before the GPS navigation system was operative, we were specialising in GPS products, and became the exclusive distributor in Denmark for Garmin. In 1995 we started our adventure into the world of Sportsfishing equipment, and Thomas Petersen Eldor became a partner in the company. In 2003 we founded Fairpoint Outdoors to handle the Sportsfishing business, and partnered with Thomas Jespersen to manage that company. Then in 2006 we were able to achieve a long time goal by becoming the distributor for Henri Lloyd in Denmark, and we founded Fairpoint Lifestyle to manage the clothing business, and partnered with Casper Engen Peetz as manager.


By 2007 the whole group had reached sales of more than 100 mio Euro, and employed almost 100 people. Garmin was at this time by far our biggest business. In 2008 we sold the Garmin business back to Garmin, and continued to drive the Clothing and Sportsfishing companies.


In 2012 we expanded the Clothing company by a parnership with Peter Degn, and the company name was changed into Fairpoint & Degn. By 2016 the clothing business has grown to a sales level of 18 mio Euro, and we currently employ 20 people.


By 2016 Fairpoint Outdoors has sales exceeding 12 mio Euro, and employs 25 people.


The mothercompany Fairpoint Holding employs 6 people, and is functioning as a supplier of management, administrative and financial facilities for the whole group.