Be considerate before reporting
Please consult the Whistleblowing policy for Fairpoint Outdoors A/S before reporting an issue.

The policy is available here


Reporting an issue through a whistleblower scheme is a serious matter. Before you do so, we urge you to take the following into consideration:


Are you unhappy with a product or a service? 
This is not the appropriate place for these types of complaints. Contact our customer service instead.


Are you reporting an issue in good faith?
We kindly ask you to make a clear distinction between your own personal opinions and the actual legislations/regulations on a given subject.


Are you simply worried or have a vague suspicion?
We are a transparent company, and you can always contact Fairpoint Outdoors directly, if you have concerns. Perhaps the (potential) issue can be fixed even faster if we do not have to launch an investigation first.