Fairpoint Outdoors A/S is a developer and manufacturer of sportsfishing equipment. In addition to our own brands; Westin, Kinetic and Unique Flies, we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Sage and Rio in Scandinavia.


The Westin story

Ingvar Westin grew up in Sweden and there, he plied his trade as a skilled toolmaker, creating intricate carvings and devices. When his children wanted a new toy, he decided to create one himself. Soon, Ingvar began work on a carved, wooden fish that wriggled and rolled in the water just like a real fish. Ingvar spent countless hours refining the toy to get a perfect, lifelike action that he knew would thrill his children. In the process, he inadvertently created a new swimming motion, the Westin roll. When Ingvar’s work was complete, he named that toy the “Jätte” — Swedish for “giant.” Word of Ingvar’s creation spread quickly and in no time, local fishermen were obsessed with Ingvar’s toy. They noticed that large pike seemed to be irresistibly attracted to the wooden carving and its rolling action, and they began clamoring for Ingvar to put hooks on the Jätte and allow them to fish with it.
Soon, a cottage industry developed, and Ingvar transitioned from a toolmaker to a lure maker with a bustling production line fueled by the prolific pike waters of Sweden. Ingvar Westin’s lure was known throughout Scandinavia as the go-to big predator lure. Since then, the Westin Jätte has deceived some of the biggest, wiliest old pike in Sweden. What started out as a child’s plaything in 1952 has now become a well-established and trusted brand in the fishing tackle industry.
Today Westin offers a wide range of trusted lures, rods and other fishing equipment – all produced with the same passion for perfection as Ingvar Westin’s original lure, and created to satisfy those looking for the best tools to pursuit monster fish worldwide.


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Get hooked!

What’s best, the chase or the catch? The patient waiting, the sudden rush, or the joy of sharing the moment with friends? We all have our reasons.

Kinetic was founded in 1999 and has over twenty years of experience in fishing gear. Quality and durable fishing gear with focus on value for money. That was our aim when we started making gear for ourselves and our friends 20 years ago.

Today it’s more than just a hobby – fishing is how we get together, enjoy nature and get our focus back.

We love fish. We love catching them, we love setting them out again and we love preparing delicious meals out of them. But most of all, we love the moment: When you’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right gear and the right people. That’s what fishing is all about.


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Made in USA

At Sage, craftsmanship is our people. We’re not a big faceless factory, but rather a workplace of craftspeople who design and build the world’s best fly rods and reels using our hands and hearts. We do it by sharing ideas and always asking the next question to find what can be done to make this better. Our rods are built one at time right here on Bainbridge Island, WA, following hundreds of meticulous steps and passing through 23 sets of hands. Our reels are also designed right here, and then precision-crafted with exclusive USA carbon to tolerance only Sage can deliver. We’re out there fishing the same places in the same unforgiving conditions that you are. Craftsmanship is applied experience. Lifetimes of it.


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Make the connection

RIO is a pioneer in developing fly lines, leaders and tippet material to enhance fly fishing experiences across the globe. Offering premium fly lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing applications, RIO consistently utilizes field experience and scientific testing to create the best products on the market for anglers. Founded 20 years ago in the mountains of Idaho, RIO continues to develop innovative products, design revolutionary tapers and refine performance-driven fly line technologies.


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Hooking a fish of a lifetime

Unique Flies represent a selection of quality flies chosen by skilled fly tiers and fly fishmen to cover all types of fly fishing in northern Europe. The philosophy behind Unique Flies is to tie flies of the highest quality available and to tie the best, latest or most popular patterns by using the lasts modern fly-tying techniques. The amazing collection of flies involves more than 500 different patterns – all carefully chosen by skilled Scandinavian fly fishermen and expert fly tiers. All flies in the Unique Flies collection features quality materials and the hooks are all leading brands. The choice of hook for every pattern is based on the shape and the size of the pattern as well as giving you best chance of hooking a fish of a lifetime.